What briquettes to the fire?

Brykiet pini kay Magnum

Brykiet pini kay Magnum

Valuable advice for those who begin the story of briquettes. What are gaining the attention of the briquettes from sawdust, central heating boiler.

Winning the fireplace or after the purchase you are wondering, what would be the best briquettes to the fire? which will provide you the best service splendor? how and where you’ll operations stores wood pellets? as it takes place? we should have a calorific value? whether it is available all year round? if the ash is the residue after combustion? what should be the moisture briquettes? or protect the environment? whether it is comfortable and easy to transport? or sawdust briquette is cheap? Where to buy? What to pay attention?

If you have purchased a fireplace for sawdust briquette or pellet stove fireplace then you have to basically choose briquette cheap and poor or expensive and very good. Each has its own advantages and defects. We will demonstrate to you the majority of them.

brykietkominkowy.pl palący się brykiet w kominku

brykietkominkowy.pl palący się brykiet w kominku

Sawdust briquettes perfect replacement timber (coal, coke, coke, mud, etc.), very suitable for combustion in furnaces and fireplaces CO, has a high calorific power, burns slowly, 1 ton of briquettes turns 500 liters of fuel oil, so the briquette Opal is a very small position-1 pallet has a dimension 80x120x170 and pellet fireplace can be stored in height. Sawdust briquette, burned in practice to the end – produced small amounts of ash. Waste is only 3-5 kg per ton of briquettes and can be unutilized as great, harmless fertilizer. The wood for the fireplace is about 40 kg of ash in this case, you have to bring more to clean a fireplace. Good quality wood briquettes are ecologically clean and no adhesives, smells. Briquette fuel is low in moisture – 4-8% (fresh wood – about 50%, wood aged long – about 20-25%, coal about 13%), then you can easily burn briquettes opal right away and you can store it in house. The dry pellet fireplace insert does not cause corrosion fireplaces and deposition of soot, it is a green source of energy, protects the environment. Eco briquettes are easy to light a lighter, wood kindles a lot worse, especially when it is wet. Briquette fireplace is clean and is easy to transport and storage. Buy from the best briquette.

We are confident that our product shown to smoking briquettes in the fireplace or heating system boiler appealed to you and made sure that the wood pellets from sawdust of deciduous trees is a great fuel fireplace and is better sooner than firewood, briquettes and agro straw briquettes.

Pellet EcoGold dystrybutor AB POLSKA

Pellet EcoGold dystrybutor AB POLSKA

Remember that the best pellet fireplaces Utilise only fuel briquettes only first-class, a little more expensive, from a reliable and guaranteed supplier or distributor native briquettes example of such companies such as AB POLAND. Poor pellet can cause a defect fireplace and chimney. It may also have: dangerous fillers, adhesives, MDF, chips, plastics, bark, pomielone PET bottles, stamps with tea, cakes, sand, waste paper, lignin, hay, straw, paper, and many others that make briquettes that the price is low and bad quality. Also, attention should be paid to whether the burning briquettes formed sinter, gangrene. The amount of ash should be in the range 0.3-0.5%. Not so good is the straw briquettes, due to the amount of ash more than 2%. At the same time discourage smoking AGRO briquettes and briquette manufacturing. Which are not suitable for home appliances, stoves, fireplaces, pellet Sawdust. Pay attention also that the calorific value of briquettes should be above 16MJ/kg.

Briquettes for the fireplace perfectly suited to the fireplace, is eco-friendly made from sawdust with a pleasant smell. This product is completely organic and natural. Made in the country without synthetic additives. Is complete biodegradability.

AB Polska brykietkominkowy.pl magazyn Chorzów

AB Polska brykietkominkowy.pl magazyn Chorzów

AB Polska unit is also the exclusive seller of Platinum-pellet, or litter for rodents and to the fireplace, furnace, boiler, furnace.

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