Briquettes and pellets photos

brykiet drzewny RUF dąb buk AB Polska

brykiet drzewny RUF dąb buk AB Polska

Acquisition of briquettes or pellets quality is very difficult, if not previously have done. Before you look for sale briquettes and pellets have to create a list of your needs and choose the ones we care about most.

Do not let the low price of briquettes and pellets the only criteria for purchase.

We know that every manufacturer and seller of briquettes and pellets, wants to sell a lot and cares about your business. Do not be fooled and do not do tests on your stove or fireplace.

AB POLSKA wholesalebriquettes

AB POLSKA wholesalebriquettes

Visit robust and reliable consulting firm „AB Polska/Poland”, which has a large offer the biggest Polish producers also briquettes pellets. Adviser of the largest wholesalers in Poland „AB POLAND”, who for many years to sell, we are happy to help you choose something very good, the quality was high and the price low.



Pellet EcoGold AB POLSKA worek

Pellet EcoGold AB POLSKA worek

They also know what briquettes and pellets are valuable, good and cheap. Advertising alone is not enough to order briquettes and pellets. They can encourage, but PHOTOS BRIQUETTE and PELLETU are important, they demonstrate the real look of briquettes and pellets.


Images are for different ads, but commonly do not show the actual briquettes and pellets, also happens to even the pictures are copied so often stolen.



AB POLSKA brykiet polano 65mm BUK

AB POLSKA brykiet polano 65mm BUK

This means that these companies have something to hide.
Real photos of briquettes and pellets is now a basis to buy briquettes and pellets. These pictures are only displayed on the Web:,

made by professionals of the „AB POLAND” without the support of the development of graphics software. Often, the manufacturer or seller of briquettes or pellets often shows only the outline, nohow with the briquettes and pellets.

Wholesale Platinum-Pellet AB Polska

Wholesale Platinum-Pellet AB Polska

Do not see the color or shade and are real (light clean sawdust or bark or dark with MDFem), is heavily compacted, nor as briquettes and pellets are packed.

Order now briquettes and pellets cheap, reliable, energy from, for example, „AB Poland.”

Consultation „AB POLAND” are free:

See blogs AB Poland Biomass:

Call us now +48 515 458 580


Informacje o brykietkominkowy

Nasza firma AB Polska prowadzi sprzedaż brykietu kominkowego i pellets opałowego. Mamy magazyn w Sosnowcu ul. Inwestycyjna 4. Wysyłamy na wybrany przez klienta dzień roboczy brykiet i pellet na terenie całego kraju. Proszę odwiedzić naszą stronę Exportujemy nasz PLATINUM-PELLET do wszystkich krajów UE. Zapraszamy do współpracy PPHU AB Polska
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